What’s your Blogging Story?

What’s your Blogging Story?

It wasn’t long that I met Sumelika and soon discovered that our thoughts towards many aspects of life are very much in sync. The fact that we both are bloggers and love conveying our thoughts through our blog fostered the ease between us. Here is her story about her little world, My Not So Secret Diary. I’m sure you would love to read.

Hi Sumelika! Tell me something about yourself.
I am currently in 3rd year MBBS. But if I have to tell about myself I would say I am a gypsy soul. Wandering in different places and when not, wandering in my head thinking about the places I haven’t been to yet. I love traveling. In fact looking good while traveling so basically I love fashion and dressing up which also means I love shopping and since I am always wandering I am a creative person too. So I put them all together and write a blog.

MBBS and blogging together sound strange. So what made you attract towards blogging?
Not really. I know a lot of fellow MBBS students/Doctors writing fashion blogs. We are pretty regular people if I keep aside the fact we save lives (that’s the superhero version of us). But before I knew them I was always inclined towards blogging. I am a person who has always been fond of reading. So when I was in my high school and started reading various articles on the internet I really liked the idea. But I never really thought I would one day write my own. I have been very lucky. My parents love traveling so I used to travel from a very young age. And I was always into dressing up and fashion. I feel like it’s my creative way to show the world different shades and moods of me. I really wanted to start my own blog from my school days but there was no driving force or inspiration. After one year of college I faced a very bad break up following which I went to Australia. That trip was a life changing experience. And I exactly knew what to do when I came back. And that’s how I started my blog.

Any other good or bad experience about your blogging career you would like to share?

Yeah sure. Till now I have not faced any bad experience because I feel like I haven’t pushed myself too much and just went with the flow. To be honest I already have too much pressure and stress in my life and I started blogging because it literally takes me away from the stress. But it’s not easy. You really need to put a lot of effort and hard work. For me the best moments are the ones when strangers praise me or feel inspired by my posts and they write to me.The moments when various brands want to work with me. It’s one those weird great feelings. People taking you seriously when you haven’t taken yourself seriously. I have made really great friends through blogging and even though I was totally an alien to this blogging world, I can proudly say I know something about this now. And bad things. Nothing really but well sometimes I feel I am out of ideas or creativity and am not able to come up with something nice for the blog, I really feel sort of empty. I always want to write and when I can’t it feels like something’s missing. Blogging has really become a part of me now. And another thing is I am a shy and introvert person so it takes me time to mix with new people but I am improving at that too so it’s fine.

I can clearly see the happiness when you talk about your blog. How do you manage your studies and writing? Could you tell our readers the impact of your blog in your personal life?
I love my profession equally and work really hard on it. In fact to be honest I give much more time to my college and studies. But then somehow I always take out time for my blog because this is important to me as well. It’s all about balance and I need both my profession and hobby for the balance. Coming to the positive impacts of blogging, this is the first thing I have done completely on my own, without taking any help from anyone. So no matter how small it is, blogging has given me the feeling of self dependence and self sufficiency. Being in a profession where it takes the longest to start earning and being self dependent, this feeling is awesome. Also, I have learnt to gather all my creativity and channel them in one direction so I am a very happy person. I don’t feel lost anymore. It’s like I am on a way to something. I believe anybody can a blogger because all of us have some kind of talent or the other. And blogging is a vast field. So if we are willing to work hard and bring out the best talent in us and of course anyone can be a blogger.

Well, one last and the toughest one! Which is your personal favorite blog post which you would definitely want our readers to read?
Only one? 😜 there are so many posts from various categories and I love them all. Cmon, I have put a lot of thought into them to write. They all are like my babies. πŸ™‚ jokes aside, I would tell you one from all categories.

Quote by sumelika

Thank you so much for your time. It is a pleasure to have your personal story on my blog.

I would love to read your thoughts , please leave your comments below and do share the read.

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