Who is the Boss: Content or Design ?

Who is the Boss: Content or Design ?

Who is the Boss: Content or Design? This question has been the hottest debatable topic since ages.
Some say the design is more important, while others say that the content is the king.
I still wonder why it’s said that “Content is the king”. Though I completely agree that the content plays a vital role, but how can a single parameter decide the success of the website. For me, Content and Design both should complement each other.
A good website is the one which displays the content in a user-friendly and visually appealing manner. A great website design with no good content is of no use to the readers as well as to the business.

Website Design and Website content are the two most important aspects but creating a website emphasizing on both the point is a task. So, while designing a website make sure that your goal is clear. The goal is  free flow of visitors and successful conversion of visitors into profit. To attain these goals, you should build a website which is both attractive and informative.

When a user visits your website, he looks around to have the feel of a website. A better website increases the time spent on the website by the user. Then he will start looking for the quality content. Make sure you don’t disappoint them. Always ensure that the content published on the website is relevant to your niche. You will gain  the trust of the user, help in increasing search engine ranking and will reduce the bounce rate.

Why is Design important?

Why is design important?

The good Design will make your website attractive. A good design will help you to attract traffic, but do you think they come back to your website? Chances are very less. Avoid heavy graphics to make your design look stylish and remember -less is more! Try adding more quality information than creating a complicated Design.

Why is Content important?

Why is Content important?
Content is what brings people back to your website if you provide them the information they are looking for. A good content will help you to achieve better rankings, which will drive more traffic to your website. Till you give readers something interesting to read they will always come back. Do not forget to update the content and other SEO tricks which keeps you on the first page and that’s what makes a commercial website worth it and pay back

Who won?Who won?

The content is the soul of the website while the Design is the body.
1. Good Website design attracts people to your website. Good content will bring them back to your website

2. Design and content work together to develop a branding message.

3. Both the key factors will help in obtaining better ranking in search engine results.

So, your design and content must work together. You cannot have one without the other.

To sum up, Content and Design should work together. A user-friendly website and quality content related to your niche are the two most important aspects in producing a good website.

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