You are?
The name is Jaswinder. Soft hearted, a cute little soul on her way to find happiness.
Do people find your name weird?
Well, I hope not! People do have a hard time pronouncing and remembering my name though. Once they get to know the meaning, I think they like it.
hmm, so Jaswinder,how old are you?
I’m at an age that would raise eyebrows if said age is divulged. FYI, I celebrate my birthday on November, 29. No, I don’t mind anonymous birthday gifts.
Do you work?
Yes, I’m Digital Brand Executive.
More about me
Digital Marketer | Content writer | Blogger | SEO| Social Media enthusiast | Restless dreamer
What is ItsCocktail?
Here at ItsCocktail, you’ll find a recollection of my thoughts and opinions based on my professional and personal experience regarding subjects that are of interest to you.
ItsCocktail focuses on what’s happening inside our reader’s heart and minds.I write this blog to express myself and to inspire others as well as myself.

If you have something you would like to see on ItsCocktail or if you have any idea or topic for a blogpost, just let me know. Your feedback is acknowledged.